Twelve Recruitment Tips of Christmas

Getting into the Christmas spirit here at CB Asset Resourcing we’ve put together our top 12 festive recruitment tips that should help take the load off this Christmas and give you a head start into the new year…

Queue festive vocals!… On the 1st Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… An iPhone XS!

Our 1st Tip – Embrace the mobile experience

Make sure that your jobs are accessible to candidates via their mobile – 88% of UK candidates search for and save jobs via their phone.

  1. Get ahead of your competitors

January is notorious for an increase in candidates looking for new roles as the New Year, New Me goals kick in. So get your current vacancies updated before you sign off for Christmas as there will be a lot of idle thumbs scrolling the job boards over the festive period.

  1. Try timing your job advert to be posted on Christmas Day

You’ll be amazed how many people apply whilst watching the Christmas TV!

  1. Move over Santa’s workshop, hello Sourcing workshops!

Sourcing workshops are a great way to increase employee referrals, bringing new/existing employees and recruiters together to search through their social media channels for potential referrals

  1. Shine bright like a diamond

Use your employment engagement survey to identify the positives of working in your business and used these to recruit your new team members.

  1. Shortlist and interview sooner rather than later

As much as hiring managers don’t want to admit it, we are currently in a very candidate led market – so if a candidate is ticking all the boxes for you then do not wait! A very common mistake we see from hiring managers is waiting too long to interview candidates, so get a date in the diary PDQ and meet them before someone else does!

  1. Be transparent when it comes to your recruitment process

There are numerous recruitment and selection methods that you may ask a candidate to go through, so it’s important that you give applicants a chance to research your process, so they can fully understand what the different stages are.

  1. Be flexible when arranging interviews

We often see clients lose out on their preferred candidate because of this… Most senior or stronger candidates are in demand with busy work schedules (particularly in January), so if possible provide both in and out of hours time slots across a range of dates.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use social media to screen candidates.

The way a candidate presents themselves online is vital to the image of your business – So get Googling, because your customers will be!

  1. Harness the power of social recruiting

80% of employers say that social recruiting helps them to find passive candidates. Most potential hires aren’t actively searching, so use social media to reach them.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

If there are aspects of your role that might not suit everyone, like unsocial working hours or extensive travel, it’s better for the candidate and you as the employer to be upfront – they’ll appreciate your honesty, and you won’t find yourself in 3 months time looking for a replacement for their role!

  1. Measure Your Success

The success of your recruitment campaign should be determined by how many ‘ideal’ candidates you attract – not by the total number of applications. If you’re finding you have a tonne of applicants but none of them are ideal then something in your process needs to change!

We hope this helps you get a head start on the New Year and wish you all a very merry Christmas from us here at CB Asset Resourcing

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