Big career goals for 2018?? Why wait until then?!!

I think we’ve all been a little guilty at some point of taking our foot off the gas around this time of year, especially when it comes to our careers! The Christmas songs have started playing on the radio, the shops are in full on festive mode (well let’s face it, they have been since October!! Too early guys, too early!), and Costa’s Christmas range is back on the menu… Woohoo!!! (Come on you know you’ve all tried their Billionaire’s Latte!)

The office mood is starting to feel a bit more relaxed, so it’s only natural that we start to relax a bit too, but with 3 weeks left until the end of the year there is still SO much that we can achieve. And if your competition are putting their Chrimbo sock wearing feet up then that’s even more reason to ramp it up over the next few weeks!

You want to start the new year with a bang! Smash those targets? Go for that promotion? Motivate and inspire your team? Whatever your goals are think about why you haven’t achieved them yet… What didn’t you achieve this year that you wanted to? What is it that’s held you back?

Be honest with yourself when you answer those questions… We all want to achieve incredible things in 2018 but we all get caught up in trying to balance work, family, friends, LIFE!

If looking for a new role or a change in career is in your plans for 2018, then set the wheels in motion now! If you keep telling yourself that you’ll wait until January to get that CV updated or reach out to contacts in your network then why wait (tis the season to be jolly after all so your network may just be feeling that little bit more inclined to help)??

Beat the January “New Year, New Me” rush. This is one of the busiest times for recruitment, hiring managers have already set goals for expanding their teams in the new year and they’ve taken steps to start sourcing potential candidates ready for them to make a start in January, so there is an abundance of roles available.

Imagine how good it will feel when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the Champagne has been poured and you’re raising a glass to toast the opportunity that awaits in 2018, knowing that you’ve already taken steps towards making a change?

It isn’t easy to make the changes we sometimes want to, but the only person that is going to help you achieve what you want to next year is YOU! If a work colleague, or family member asked for help you’d help them right? Even if you were super busy, you’d fit the the time in to help them because they need you to. So fit some time in NOW to help yourself and get your mindset ready to smash through whatever goals you plan to achieve.


Here are some tips to help you…

Reflect & Review 2017

Start off by celebrating what you did achieve this year, from the small to the mighty… What were your achievements? What did you do in order to achieve them? Did you follow a plan? Get support from others? This is the start to your strategy for success!

What didn’t you achieve that you wanted to? Don’t kick yourself about it, but it’s important to look at what held you back so that you can make the changes you need to move forwards. So why didn’t you achieve your goals? What stood in your way? What were your frustrations? What did you find the most challenging? Finding the time perhaps???

What do you need to help you overcome the same challenges/frustrations this year? What support, and who can help with this? What tools/resources do you need? How can you manage your time better?


Drop The Bad Habits!

Are there any daily habits that are holding you back??? So you’ve promised yourself today to work to a structure and not become a slave your emails, you’re going to allocate “specific” time each day to managing your inbox, but you’ve fired the laptop up on a Monday morning and have 120 new messages in your inbox (oh joy!)… May aswell just clear some of them now, it’ll only take 10 minutes won’t it? Then an hour later you’re still there and that oh so specific plan you had to start your week off has already gone out of the window!!! Sound familiar? Aaaaaaargh, why do we do it?!! STOP.

Swapping a few bad habits and sticking to a structure can make a massive difference to your day/week/month, especially when it comes to managing your time.  But you have to be consistent if you’re committed to allowing yourself time to achieving your goals. Then take action. Don’t just think about it!

Get Organised!

DO IT NOW, don’t wait for the new year to start you can get a LOT done in 3 weeks! Allocate some time to clearing your inbox down, start working on a fresh and realistic pipeline for the first few weeks of the year, get that CV updated, update your LinkedIn profile to attract the right audience, start planning what you want to get out of your team next year. Whatever it is that’s going to help give you the best start in the new year don’t just think about it, start working on it!

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And here’s the exciting part…

Set Some BIG Goals!!!

And we’re talking about goals that are going to really test you and push the boundaries, get you fired up, help you make the big changes you need to achieve what you want to next year. They may even scare you a little, but they’re meant to!

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” Elle Johnson Sirleaf

Setting your goals is such an important task and investing the time now in putting a game plan in place for how you’re going to achieve them will set you ahead of the competition and give you the best start to the new year!


3 weeks until the end of the year… What are you going to do in that time that will make a difference?!?!

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